raspberry ketones

Raspberry Ketones – Everything You Should Know

These raspberry ketone supplements will create a lazy generation. People are excited speaking of achievements, but are not ready to go through the process leading up to that result. In other words, they want to show off slim healthy bodies but don’t want to exercise and eat right.

Human beings always look to shorter and easier ways of doing things. This is the reason why raspberry ketone supplements are fast gaining popularity. But how helpful or harmful can this be? Let us get an understanding on the effect of these health pills to our bodies and overall well-being.

raspberry ketones

Raspberry ketones: what are they and how do they work?

Raspberry ketones are the chemicals that give raspberries their deep color and pleasant smell. Little amounts of these chemicals are also present in other fruits e.g. blackberries, cranberries and kiwis.

In manufacturing raspberry ketones are used in cosmetics and certain foods to enhance their flavor and fragrance.

Raspberry ketones when swallowed have an effect on the hormone known as adiponectin that helps the body burn fat.

Raspberry ketones are also said to have a molecular structure similar to certain stimulants. These stimulants are known to affect the rate of metabolism in the body.

Tests were carried out to establish whether there is any relationship between raspberry ketones and weight loss. Rats were used in this experiment. They were fed on food that had a lot of fat, but also amounts of raspberry ketones.

After about six weeks the results showed that there was reduced body fat in the rats.

Science however, has not been able to give us conclusive proof of similar results in humans.

Raspberry ketones: Do they have other uses?

Researchers continue conducting tests to determine other uses of raspberry ketones. The results showed they can be useful to people with hair loss issues. You only need to apply a solution of raspberry ketones to the scalp persistently, and hair will start growing.

More needs to been done to be 100% sure that this remedy to hair loss is actually viable.

How much do I take and for how long?

The safety of taking natural supplements is always in question; therefore taking in the right quantity is important.

With raspberry ketones however, as it has not been clearly ascertained as to whether it is effective on humans, care needs to be taken when using. Always make sure to read and follow what is written on the label. If you are not sure, seek advice from your doctor or nutritionist.

How safe are raspberry ketones for consumption?

Raspberry ketones when mixed with other ingredients like Vitamin C are quite harmless. But because they exhibit similar characteristics to stimulants care must be taken especially with breastfeeding mothers and those on medication for diabetes.

Therefore, before you get excited about raspberry ketone supplements that promise fast relief with little or action, exercise caution. Make sure you have enough information and supporting evidence about the product.

Don’t just walk blindly, lest you find yourself in a ditch.